We are a full service body shop. Here is the list of the services we offer:

Collision repair

Our collision center is equipped with standard tools and paint room that is comparable with the manufacture standards. Here is the list of our services:
Collision Repair
Paint Services
Dent Repair
Hail Damage Repair
Rust Repair
Paint Restoration
Glass Repair
Interior Detailing
Auto Customization
Fender Repair

Auto Repair

A full service body shop must be able to fix everything that is related to a car. We mostly get collision repair clients, but our experiences mechanics can fix anything that's engine related.
Engine Repair
Brake Services
Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment
Electrical Repair
Diesel Engine Repair
‍Headlight and Tail Light Services
Battery Services
Suspension Services
Air Conditioning Services
Oil Change

We also offer Car Rental Services, Vehicle Inspections, Free Towing, Free Shuttle Pickup/Dropoff, and After Hours Drop-offs are also available.

type of cars we repair

no matter how much you hear that we are PROFESSIONALS, you always want to make sure that you are in good hands and we are here to give you that assurance.

Luxury Car Repair

There are a few body shops that know ins and out of cars. If you involve in an accident we take care of all the body work, paining, detailing, mechanical repairs, and electrical repairs in-house. Traditional body shops only do body works and they outsource electrical repairs and other stuff to other mechanic shops and detail shops. We do everything in house, under one roof and this allows us to get your car repaired faster, more efficient, and have happier clients.

Hybrid car repair

Hybrid and Electric Car Repair

Hybrid cars are expressly dangerous to work on because of the high voltage electrical system installed inside the vehicles. Disabling and re-activating those systems during body and paint repairs has a very particular procedure. Similar responsibility and training are needed when working on electric cars. The Panamera Plug-In,  Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and Tesla are examples of electric cars already being mass manufactured. The repair of these cars requires heavy aluminum welding as well as specific tools and training. At Mid Valley Auto Body we make sure we fix your car with care and deliver on time.

Classic Car Repair

Repairing classic cars can often be a challenge. Since most of the cars on the road are manufactured with new technologies, it requires a very experienced and knowledgeable mechanic to fix these type of cars. Also it is very difficult to find part for these cars and they usually need to be repaired rather than change, and that is why it sometimes takes more time to fix and repair classic cars, but our experienced staff can take care of your classic cars and fix it like it's a brand new vehicle.